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Blog Post 11/10/18

Merry Christmas everyone! Why am I seeing all these retail stores putting up Christmas decorations. Like wyd. Let me enjoy my transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Anyways, life has been great lately. I feel like I'm blossoming into a new person and growing, learning new things. I just feel stressed out about midterms that are coming up, especially my math one. I DESPERATELY need to pass with a B, or else I'm gonna fail this class again. Then I might end up graduating a year later. That's no fun. But a couple weeks from now I'll look back at this page and think wow. There's no need to worry. Everything will be fine. I hope all who are reading this are doing well. I'm personally going through a lot but I got my chin up because I know I'm making sacrifices that pay off in the long run. At least that's what others tell me. I hope they're right.
Anyays, I just read this post that said, "there are two kinds of tired--one where you haven't slept, and one where you need peace." I'm hoping that this site right here will help you find peace. Relax and enjoy the little things in life, even the bad ones, my friend.


- Signed, Eddie

Blog Post 10/30/18

I finally got my own domain! Wow. Feels great to finally have my own website. And it looks great, too! I'm not sure where to go from now, all I know about coding at the moment is just adding HTML text like this, and maybe a picture, with CSS making it look pretty. But I'll figure it out. This website can grow! Anyways today I skipped lecture today to hang out with Griffen and my new friend Monica. I think my social life is coming together now! Sorta. Schoolwork isn't looking too difficult but I don't see myself becoming a 5-star A+ student. Anyways I guess I could make this site more special by having a Do Online Now, Guys activity at the end of every blog post for now? Here's one I picked out. Check it out!

Live Internet Statistics

- Signed, Eddie

Blog Post 10/29/18

Today is a Monday, so that means it's a school day, but since this quarter I only have classes from Tuesdays through Fridays, I figured I'd just complete this lab and get it over with. I finished it in the span of a couple days! Honestly it felt much easier than the first lab. I hope I can just reuse these scripts or just go back to them because I'd love to keep this website for my own personal use, and work on it some more. I've been playing Fortnite recently and I have been trying to figure out how to study for my other two classes, and I think I'll study for one of them after I finish this blog. Anyways thanks for stopping by and check in next week for my next post!

- Signed, Eddie

About Me:

My name is Eddie Ortega and I grew up in Garden Grove, California. I like to run, draw, and play music. That's honestly about it. I'm your pretty average human being aside from the fact I am really happy most of the time and you'll rarely find me in a bad mood. I also like video games and I pay extra attention to detail in everything I do. Like in designing this website! I'm studying for business currently but I feel like I am my happiest when expressing my artistic side or performing for others. I'll figure out my life eventually.

So what do I like to eat? Well how kind of you to ask:
Sushi 🍣
Chicken Fingers 🐔
and Alfredo Pasta 🍜
So if you wanna talk to me about any of these.. hit me up.